Chem Driver Strain Overview


The Chem Driver strain is a powerful cannabis cultivar celebrated for its potent effects and pungent aroma. This hybrid typically showcases dense, resinous buds adorned with fiery orange pistils and a frosty layer of trichomes, offering a feast for the eyes. 

Chem Driver Strain Genetics

Chem Driver is an evenly balanced hybrid that leans Sativa. This amazing cultivar was created by crossing the iconic strains Chem D and Sundae Driver.

Chem Driver Cannabinoid Profile

This can vary depending on factors such as growing conditions and phenotype, but Chem Driver usually has a high THC content, often hitting 32% or higher.

Flavor Profile: Diesel and Skunk

Chem Driver has an intense pungent aroma that combines diesel and skunk. This strain is definitely not for the faint of heart, as its taste can be overpowering and somewhat harsh.

Chem Driver Strain Effects: A Cerebral Body High

Chem Driver delivers a euphoric and uplifting head high with a relaxing body stonan, an excellent a great option for smokers who want a well-rounded experience without the couch lock that can come with other strains.

Chem Driver is also a great option for patients with medical conditions. Its uplifting and euphoric effects make it a good choice for those with depression or anxiety, while its relaxing body high can help with pain and muscle spasms. Additionally, Chem Driver may stimulate appetite. However, it’s essential to consult a healthcare professional before using it for medical purposes.

Terpene Profile of Chem Driver

Chem Driver’s terpene profile is simply delectable:

  • Caryophyllene: Has a spicy and woody flavor and anti-inflammatory properties that offer a soothing effect on the body.
  • Humulene: Has an earthy and herbal flavor and potential anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Limonene: Has a bright and zesty citrus flavor with energizing and uplifting properties that may boost mood and focus.
  • Bisobol: Has a delicate floral flavor with hints of chamomile and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, relaxation, and stress relief.

From Caryophyllene’s spicy wood to Bisobol’s floral notes, Chem Driver always delivers a wonderfully balanced Sativa experience. 

Packaging: Thoughtful & Sustainable

Autumn Brands believes in freshness and sustainability; our and our packaging reflects our ethos. Every jar of Chem Driver comes with a Boost humidity pack to maintain freshness, an internal air-tight seal for preservation, and a backyard compostable lid. It’s our way of giving back to you and the earth!

Inhale – Exhale – Elevate

Chem Driver brings together the best of ChemDawg and Sundae Driver to create a modern classic. Inhale her diesel notes, exhale the day’s stress and elevate your well-being naturally. Shop Chem Driver today!


What is the THC Content of Chem Driver?

The THC content in Chem Driver is approximately 32%.

What Are the Dominant Terpenes in Chem Driver?

The dominant terpenes in Chem Driver are Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene, and Bisobol.

What Does Chem Driver Taste Like?

Chem Driver is diesel for days with heavy skunk notes. 

What Effects Does Chem Driver Have?

Chem Driver delivers a euphoric, uplifting head high with a relaxing body stone.

Is Chem Driver Suitable for Beginners?

With its intense potency and complex flavor profile, Chem Driver is favored by seasoned cannabis connoisseurs seeking a profound and memorable experience.

Does Chem Driver Have Any CBD?

Very little. CBD levels in Chem Driver are usually less than 1%. 

Can Chem Driver Be Used Medically? If So, For What Conditions?

While individual experiences can vary, Chem Driver may treat symptoms of depression or anxiety as well pain and muscle spasms. Additionally, Chem Driver may stimulate appetite. That said, more research is needed, and it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before using it for medical purposes.

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