Cannabis Products

All Cannabis products from Autumn Brands are sun grown in our coastal Santa Barbara County greenhouses & are 100% pesticide-free. We offer Flower, Pre-rolls, a Nourishing Muscle & Joint Salve and Elixirs with multiple strains to suit your needs.

Glass Jars


All of Autumn Brands flower is hand selected, receives a slow hang dry and after trimming is treated to a long cure.  Taking these extra steps allows the flower’s terpene profile to blossom and to develop its own unique flavor and smell while preserving all of its healing benefits.



Our pre-rolls are made from our coastal greenhouse grown flower, and are available in more than a dozen of our best strains. Available in packs of 10 mini pre-rolls, packs of 6x 1g pre-rolls, and single 1 gram pre-rolls.

Wellness Products


Muscle & Joint Salve

Cannabis-infused Autumn Brands Nourishing Muscle + Joint Salve delivers nature’s powerful healing to the body in a fresh, botanically-derived topical. Ingredients include: Sodium Benzoate and Sorbic Acid. 


Warrior Elixer

The Santa Barbara County estate-grown Warrior Elixir has a blend of THC and THCa. It is infused with 100% full spectrum cannabis with 1000mg of THC.

Thrive Elixir

With the Thrive Elixir, experience anytime bliss with a balanced micro-dose blend of tension-taming CBD and mildly psychoactive THC.

The Thrive Elixir is perfect for daytime tranquility or supporting a restful night’s sleep.

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