Inhale, Exhale, Smile

Top quality indoor sun grown cannabis.

Estate grown in Santa Barbara County.

Women Owned
Autumn and Hanna Brand
Estate Grown & Family Owned
Autumn Brands LLC
Wellness & Balance
Autumn Brands, Wellness and Balance


We are committed to the sustainability of our planet and making sure all humans, animals and the earth remain healthy and viable. 
We use a closed-loop watering system ensuring no water is wasted.

We promote environmental health, by refraining from the use of pesticides and only utilizing an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) system. 

We truly enjoy watching our beneficial insects including lady bug larvae take care of our beautiful plants


We are dedicated to keeping cannabis out of the hands of our young minds. 

We are a fully state licensed Brand that only sells our products through a distributor which in turn sells directly to dispensaries,
eliminating the possibly of it falling in the wrong hands.


We provide a natural product that can help those with medical conditions and those that just want to feel a little extra creative,
carefree or somewhere in between.

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