GMOG Strain Overview


GMOG is a potent Indica leaning Hybrid that’s visually stunning, with dense buds that glow lime green and sparkle with a heavy frost. 

GMOG Weed Strain Genetics

This strain is a cross of GMO and Legend OG created by the breeder Cannarado.

GMOG Cannabinoid Profile

GMOG tests as high as 28% THC and has 1% CBG.

Flavor Profile: Fuel & Funk

GMOG smells and tastes like fuel and earth, with that must-have GMO funk.

GMOG Strain Effects: Euphoric and Relaxing

Euphoric and relaxing, GMOG is a high THC strain with a full body stone that leads to couchlock.

Terpene Profile of GMOG

The terpene profile in GMOG is rich, diverse, and delicious.

  • Caryophyllene: Has a spicy and woody flavor and anti-inflammatory properties that offer a soothing effect on the body.
  • Limonene: Offers a vibrant citrus flavor with energizing and mood-boosting properties that enhance focus.
  • Humulene: Has a natural, herbal taste with possible anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Linalool: Has a delicate floral and citrus aroma and may be soothing with anxiolytic effects.

From the zest of limonene to the floral notes of linalool, get your chill on with GMOG.

Packaging: Thoughtful & Sustainable

Autumn Brands values freshness and sustainability, evident in our packaging. Each GMOG jar includes a Boost humidity pack for freshness, an internal air-tight seal for preservation, and a backyard compostable lid. It’s our commitment to you and the planet!

Inhale – Exhale – Elevate

GMOG is at the forefront of the modern era of designer weed, with flavors and effects as unique as they are potent. Inhale the funk, exhale the day’s stress, and elevate your well-being naturally. 

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What is the THC Content of GMOG?

The THC content in GMOG is approximately 28%.

What Are the Dominant Terpenes in GMOG?

The dominant terpenes in GMOG are Caryophyllene, Limonene, Humulene, and Linalool.

What Does GMOG Taste Like?

GMOG smells and tastes like fuel and earth with that must-have GMO funk.

What Effects Does GMOG Have?

Euphoric and relaxing, GMOG is a potent strain with a full body stone that may lead to couchlock.

Is GMOG Suitable for Beginners?

GMOG is strong but chill, which may make it good for beginners if they go slow with her.

Can GMOG Be Used Medically? If So, For What Conditions?

While individual experiences may vary, Medical patients may choose GMOG to treat anxiety, pain, and insomnia. That said, it’s important to consult a healthcare professional before using cannabis for medical purposes.

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