Purple Carbonite Strain Overview


The Purple Carbonite strain is a unique cannabis cultivar renowned for its visually striking appearance, potent effects, and complex flavor profile. This Indica-dominant hybrid features dense, conical buds blanketed in vibrant shades of purple, accented by fiery orange hairs and a frosty layer of trichomes.

Purple Carbonite Strain Genetics

This cultivar was bred by SkunkHouse, pheno-hunted by Haze Valley Nursery, and grown by us at Autumn Brands.

Purple Carbonite Cannabinoid Profile

With THC at 32.8%, Purple Carbonite packs a punch!

Flavor Profile: Hoppy & Gassy

Purple Carbonite has a strong, hoppy nose with a gassy finish.

Purple Carbonite Strain Effects: Relaxing and Calming

This strain offers a whole new level of relaxation! When you smoke Purple Carbonite, its effects go straight to your head, easing anxiety and quieting a busy mind. A heavy hitter, Purple Carbonite will sit you down and force you (gently) to take that much-needed break you deserve.

Terpene Profile of Purple Carbonite

  • Caryophyllene: Has a spicy and woody flavor and anti-inflammatory properties that offer a soothing effect on the body.
  • Limonene: Has a bright and zesty citrus flavor with energizing and uplifting properties that may boost mood and focus.
  • Myrcene: Has an earthy and herbal flavor and may induce a relaxed, tranquil state.

Packaging: Thoughtful & Sustainable

Autumn Brands believes in freshness and sustainability; our packaging reflects our ethos. Every jar of Purple Carbonite comes with a Boost humidity pack to maintain freshness, an internal air-tight seal for preservation, and a backyard compostable lid. It’s our way of giving back to you and the earth!

Inhale – Exhale – Elevate

Purple Carbonite is one of those strains that gets you with her bag appeal and keeps you coming back for her effects. Inhale her hoppy notes, exhale the day’s stress, and elevate your well-being naturally. Shop Purple Carbonite today!


What is the THC Content of Purple Carbonite?

The THC content in Purple Carbonite is approximately 32% or more.

What are the Dominant Terpenes in Purple Carbonite?

  • Caryophyllene: 
  • Limonene
  • Myrcene

What Does Purple Carbonite Taste Like?

Hoppy on the inhale and gassy on the finish! 

What Effects Does Purple Carbonite Have?

This strain provides a different level of relaxation with effects that go straight to the dome and calm your anxious, busy mind.

Is Purple Carbonite Suitable for Beginners?

Purple Carbonite is recognized for its outstanding strength, making it a dependable option for a range of uses. Newcomers are encouraged to gradually introduce it into their routines to unlock its full power and potential.

Can Purple Carbonite Be Used Medically? If So, For What Conditions?

While individual experiences can vary, Purple Carbonite may ease stress and anxiety and help treat insomnia. That said, more research is needed, and it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before using it for medical purposes.

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