Tik Takz Strain

Summer Strains

Tik Takz is all about that frost, with dense green buds so caked in trichomes, they look silvery. 

Tik Takz Strain Genetics

Tik Takz is a potent terpene-rich three-way cross of Zkittlez x Wedding Cake x Modified Grapes.

Tik Takz Cannabinoid Profile

This powerhouse tests at 31% THC.

Tik Takz Strain Flavor Profile: Zkittlez & Minty Vanilla 

Sweet Zkittlez flavors hit first, followed by hints of minty vanilla and rich, earthy undertones. 

Tik Takz Strain Effects: Total Relaxation

Tik Takz is a heavy Indica that hits you between the eyes and induces total relaxation.

Terpene Profile of Tik Takz Weed Strain

The terpene profile in Tik Takz is delightfully complex:

  • Caryophyllene: Has a spicy and woody flavor with anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe the body.
  • Limonene: Brings a zesty citrus flavor with energizing and uplifting vibes that can amp up your mood and focus.
  • Humulene: Earth and herbal taste with possible anti-inflammatory benefits.


  • Myrcene: Has an earthy and herbal flavor and may induce a relaxed, tranquil state.

From Humulene’s earthiness to Caryopphyllene’s spice, Tik Takz will transport you to the chill zone. 

Packaging: Thoughtful & Sustainable

Autumn Brands stands by freshness and sustainability, evident in our packaging. Each jar of Tik Takz includes a Boost humidity pack for freshness, an internal air-tight seal for preservation, and a backyard compostable lid. It’s our gesture of giving back to you and the planet!

Inhale – Exhale – Elevate

Tik Takz is a heavy Indica that is always there to deliver a relaxing, restful night when needed. Inhale her earthiness, exhale the day’s stress, and elevate your well-being naturally. 


What is the THC Content of Tik Takz?

Tik Takz tests at 31% THC.

What are the Dominant Terpenes in Tik Takz?

The dominant terpenes in Tik Takz are Caryophyllene, Limonene, Humulene, and Myrcene.

What Does Tik Takz Taste Like?

Sweet Zkittlez with hints of minty vanilla and rich, earthy undertones. 

What Effects Does Tik Takz Have?

Takz helps relieve stress and brings a relaxing calm that will hit your off button—night night! 

Is Tik Takz Suitable for Beginners?

At 31% THC, Tik Takz is powerful, but the high is so chill beginners may enjoy it in moderation.

Can Tik Takz Be Used Medically? If So, For What Conditions?

While individual experiences may vary, medical patients often choose Tik Takz to help relieve pain as well as symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. That said, it’s essential to consult a healthcare professional before using cannabis for medical purposes.


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