Budtender Bucks

Autumn Brands wants to give you a bonus!


Budtender Loyalty Program Explained

The Autumn Brands family knows how hard bud tenders work and after years of planning we are happy to announce this new program to put more money in your pockets. It is a win-win-win for bud tenders, dispensaries and for Autumn Brands.


  1. Login or Register BELOW.
  2. Snap a photo of each Autumn Brands product that you sell.
  3. Upload the photo to confirm your sale.
  4. Get $1 for each product you sell.
  5. Each time that you accrue 25 sales Autumn Brands puts cold hard cash in your pocket via Venmo, Visa Gift Card or Wire Transfer.


The more Autumn Brands you sell the more cash you get in your pocket!


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Budtender Loyalty Program TERMS AND CONDITIONS:

✓ You must work for a legal cannabis retailer/dispensary in a market served by Autumn Brands to qualify.

✓ Each product sale must be confirmed and validated as unique.

✓ Compensation of $1 will be paid for each confirmed product. $1 on All Products (except 1 gram prerolls).

✓ Compensation will be paid in $25 increments.

✓ Autumn Brands reserves the right to modify the rules of the program or terminate the program at its sole discretion.