Autumn Shelton and Hanna Brand Discuss The History of Autumn Brands

October 14, 2022

About Autumn:

As CFO, Autumn oversees strategic planning, marketing, compliance, legal, human resources, and finance.  Autumn has been successfully navigating the unchartered waters of California’s Prop 215 and the Regulated California Cannabis industry (Prop 64) since 2015 and is a sought-after panelist and public speaker on the nuts and bolts of operating a licensed California cannabis cultivation business. In 2021, under Autumn Shelton’s leadership as President of CARP Growers, the Cannabis Association for Responsible Producers concluded a year-long negotiation and reached a historic agreement between the CARP Growers and the Santa Barbara Coalition for Responsible Cannabis on a cooperative agreement for odor abatement. Before moving to the agriculture sector, Shelton was focused on a career in commercial property development and management utilizing her CA Brokers License.  Autumn lives with her husband, Abe, son, Lennox and daughter, Jade, in Santa Barbara, California, and enjoys hiking and camping in her free time. She graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with a minor in Italian.

About Hanna:

As CSO, Hanna oversees strategic planning, marketing, product development, packaging and sales.  She led a team of 20 in the harvesting and packaging departments and has transitioned into a deeper focus of product development and sales.  Hanna grew up on the family farm and learned best agricultural practices and sales from her Dad, Hans.  Only a few years after graduating from Cal Poly with a degree in Environmental Horticultural Science, Hanna has proven herself to be a force in the cannabis industry.  She is a sought after public speaker on cannabis cultivation and sales.  Under her leadership, the company continues to focus on quality control, higher post-production yields, develop new pre-roll blends and increase revenue.

She is a proud Rotarian and a member of the local Sunset Rotary Club.  Hanna lives in Carpinteria, California with her boyfriend, Elias and enjoys skiing, wake surfing and traveling in her free time.

Oct 14, 202217:19