Cannabis Lifestyle with Kalon Baird

July 6, 2023

Kalon Baird is the co-founder and Chief technology officer for Green Rush Alliances, a contract cannabis manufacturer and owns a brand SplashNano, a liquid, Rosin forward drink additive.

Kalon Specializes in cannabis formulations, prototyping product innovations, and fast acting nanotechnology, used for infused products and trademarked under InfusedBySplashâ„¢.

Kalon has spent over a decade in the cannabis industry and has been licensed since 2018.

His passion continues to evolve, merging plant science and consumer packaged goods. His specific lens, blends methods of analytical chemistry to standardize precision molecules, in functional form factors. Accuracy and integrity are two values that shape his ongoing creative direction of products with a purpose.

Jul 05, 2023