Former US Marine Discusses How Cannabis Has Drastically Helped His PTSD

January 2, 2024

Cody joined the Autumn Brands team back in 2017 as a quality control manager. At that point, he had already experienced the transition from prescription medication to medical marijuana. But this healing journey didn’t happen overnight. “Being a surfer kid from California, I knew about cannabis – but I didn’t understand its medicinal properties or the positive effects it could have on my life.”

This is true for many PTSD sufferers. Knowledge of cannabis is often limited to a one-time party experience or informed by commonly held societal beliefs about it. The problem is, many of these aren’t entirely accurate.

In this episode we dive into how cannabis has drastically helped Cody and his PTSD, and how he encourages other veterans to look beyond the stigma and try it.

About Cody: Growing up on the central coast of California, in a sleepy beach town called Pismo Beach, life was nothing short of surfing a lot and skateboarding with friends. Wanting a bit more out life, and to do my part, I left home at 17 years old to Join the United States Marine Corps. Serving as an infantry machine gunner with 1st Battalion 5th Marine regiment for 4 years, I thought this would ultimately be my career. Yet, on a second deployment to Afghanistan, that career would be cut short from an improvised explosive device, and life as I knew it would take a dramatic shift. Laying in the hospital, with seemingly debilitating wounds I did not know what the future held. Now 12 years post injury, a missing leg and enough scares to write a short novel, I am blessed with a life that is beyond fruitful. From rock climbing, racing in Baja Mexico to becoming a father and husband as well securing a new career path in the financial industry, I have found a passion for life and its purpose- Which is to LIVE for them. Through great friends family and mentors, my life has been beautiful, challenging none the less but beautiful, and I only hope to share that beauty with anyone that I can cross paths with.

Jan 02, 2024