Joe Grande – Cannabis Talk 101 (iheartRadio) From the Entertainment Industry to Cannabis

September 1, 2023

Joe Grande is the Co-Host, Cannabis Talk 101. He’s an accomplished sales manager passionate about building great teams and repeat customer loyalty. Award recipient for breaking down barriers and a proven track record for increasing profits. No matter what role he holds, he’s always compelled to help. Whether it is solving a technical or business problem, he thrives in environments where there is a need to simplify complexity and increase the bottom line.

Grande also created a partnership with iHeartMedia and CT101 INC. Making the podcast Cannabis Talk 101 the first cannabis show to partner with IheartMedia. Now you can stream every award-winning Cannabis Talk 101 show World Wide in HD on the free iHeartRadio app, keyword Cannabis Talk 101. Featuring Blue and Joe Grande we are the World’s number-one source for everything cannabis.

Sep 01, 2023