10pk Mini Prerolls – The Ultimate Variety & Convenience

10-Pack Premium Mini Pre-Rolls

All new 10pk Mini Prerolls now available! 10pk of 0.36g prerolls.

10pk Mini Prerolls
10pk Mini Prerolls

Embrace Cannabis Diversity with Our 10pk Mini Prerolls

Introducing the newest addition to the Autumn Brands family – the 10pk Mini Preroll Pack. Each pack contains ten 0.36g joints made with full flower, ensuring a pure and potent experience.


Why Our 10pk Mini Prerolls Stand Out

Our mini prerolls are compact and potent, each packed with some of Santa Barbara’s freshest-grown cannabis. Whether you prefer solo sessions or are a light-level user, these prerolls are perfect for you. 

We never compromise on quality – made with full flower and no shake, larf, or trim, ensuring excellence in every puff. Experience freshness and quality with our Boost humidity pack in metal recyclable tins, keeping these mini prerolls fresh and enjoyable. 

Share the joy with friends as the pack’s size and variety make it ideal for sharing, offering a unique experience for every user. Try our mini prerolls today and discover a whole new level of cannabis enjoyment.


A New Way to Enjoy Cannabis

Our 10pk Mini Prerolls are designed for those who value diversity and convenience in their cannabis experience. Whether you’re a seasoned user or new to the world of cannabis, these mini prerolls are sure to delight and satisfy you — shop now!

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