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Autumn Brands is on a mission to create a healthier world, and our wellness products are made to do just that. All our cannabis wellness products are sun grown in coastal Santa Barbara County & are pesticide-free.

Muscle & Joint Salve

Autumn Brands Nourishing Muscle + Joint Salve is a true full-spectrum product with the highest concentration of all-natural transdermal magnesium and nourishing cocoa butter. This means that all the healing cannabinoids and terpenes from our sun-grown, sustainable, and pesticide flower are in our salve. These qualities make it an excellent choice for your workout recovery routine.

Autumn Brand’s Salve provides targeted pain relief and soothes irritated skin without the THC high. Try one today and experience the powerful healing properties of cannabis in a fresh, botanically derived topical.

Autumn Brands Elixirs

Cannabis elixirs are a fantastic way to get all the wellness benefits of cannabis without all that smoke. They can be used as a sublingual for rapid onset or consumed as an edible for a potent, long-lasting effect.

Autumn Brands offers two types of Elixirs to meet your needs — high THC Warrior Elixir and CBD-infused Thrive Elixir.

Warrior Elixir

Made with 100% Full Spectrum Cannabis, Autumn Brands Warrior Elixir is 1000 mg of THC that delivers the full-body rush of relaxing, long-lasting psychoactive effects.


Thrive Elixir

Made with 100% Full Spectrum Cannabis, Autumn Brands Thrive Elixir is a perfect microdose with a 1:2 ratio of CBD to THC. Every bottle contains 300mg of THC that you can dose sublingually or put in your favorite beverage or food to elevate your day, ease those aches and pains, or help you relax before bed.

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