6 Seasonal Strains to Elevate Your Summer

Jul 21, 2018 | Archived Posts

American author Charles Bowden once said, “Summertime is always the best of what might be.” So, our farmers set out on a mission to bring the best of summer to Autumn Brands. Whether you’re wanting to elevate a summer soiree or speed up recovery after a long hike, regardless of your motives, these six strains can help create epic summer memories along the way.

Six Seasonal Strains from Autumn Brands

With a hint of tropical aromas, fresh fruity flavors, and a broad range of physical and cerebral effects, these six strains are perfect for whatever your summer entails.

Lemon Cake – With an aroma and flavor reminiscent of delicious lemon cheesecake, this sativa-dominant strain makes a delightful dessert blend for your next summer social gathering. The uplifting creativeness of this strain keeps your guests happy and conversational. With just 30% indica characteristics to balance the sativa effects, this strain may also be beneficial for those with social anxiety to ease tension and break the ice.

Chemdawg – As a reasonably balanced, but potent hybrid, Chemdawg is often sought after for a wide array of ailments including anxiety, pain, migraines, arthritis, and even depression and PMS. A pleasant creativity complements the body effects of this strain. Whatever prevents you from enjoying a warm summer day, having a little Chemdawg in your first aid kit may help.

Clementine – Nothing screams summer like the fresh, tropical citrus aroma from this strain. A cross between Tangie and Lemon Skunk, Clementine is a balanced hybrid which will whisk away the doldrums. Depression, chronic stress, and fatigue don’t stand a chance against the happy-go-lucky, energetic effects of Clementine. Whether spending a day at the beach or just getting the “Honey-Do List” completed, this strain will make the skies a little bluer and the sun a little brighter.

Dream Walker – While this strain touts potent sativa effects, the double blueberry genetics give it a candy-like sweetness. Perfect for hiking, picnics, concerts, and other summer events as Dream Walker provides a peaceful, energetic rush to enhance your activity of choice.

Strawberry Kush – Continuing with a sweet, berry trend for summer fun, Strawberry Kush blends a sweet, fruity flavor with the earthiness of OG Kush. Although relatively balanced, this strain will likely produce more indica-leaning effects which are perfect for the end of the day. Fight off insomnia and pain, as Strawberry Kush relaxes the entire body for a restful, healing night of sleep.

Cherry AK – With a delicious cherry aroma and reddish coloring, this strain produces a robust and cerebral euphoria which fades into strong body relaxing effects. The best of both worlds, Cherry AK provides energy at the onset with a deep relaxation to follow.

Whatever your summer plans are, there is an Autumn Brands strain right for you and your adventure.  Find the perfect strain for you on our Weedmaps page.