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Jul 9, 2024 | About Autumn Brands

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Move over self-care. It’s time we start exploring our sexual selves with sensual self-care practices. Sensual self-care is more than just pampering yourself; it’s about connecting deeply with your body to create a healthier relationship with yourself.

In our experience, prioritizing sensual self-care can improve mental health, reduce stress and boost self-confidence. But you aren’t the only one unsure where to start exploring this side of things.

Here, we’ll guide you through sensual self-care practices, from setting the mood to working in a pleasurable assist with now melt our new intimacy line!

Why We Think Sensual Self-Care Is Important

We’ve all heard about self-care. It’s all about stepping back from your busy life and stressful commitments to focus on what nourishes your soul. That might mean a bath, more time snuggled up with a good book or a hot mug of tea. But we think it’s time for an evolution of this concept towards self-care that nourishes your sexual self as well.

Why? Because our sexual health is bound up in our physical and mental health. As explained in the Surgeon General’s Call to Action way back in 2001, “Sexual health is not limited to the absence of disease or dysfunction, nor is its importance confined to just the reproductive years.” Among many other things, everyone needs “the ability to integrate their sexuality into their lives, derive pleasure from it.”

So, in our book, sexual self-care is just as important as the traditional types of self-care. We must spend time with ourselves to learn self-love, self-confidence, and self-worth. It also helps us to create positive sexual experiences—to better understand what we love when we get sexy so we can better express ourselves to others.

How To Set the Scene: Preparing for Sensual Self-Care

Not everyone can immediately get into the mood, even in a self-care space. You’ll want to set the scene first and create a safe, calm and relaxing environment to help lay the groundwork for a deeper sensual connection to yourself.

Creating a Conducive Environment for Self-Care

To fully embrace self-care and introspective sexual health, it’s essential to create a peaceful and calming environment. Set the mood with candles, soft music and a comfortable temperature.

Get cozy on your bed, in a bath or on a pile of blankets on the floor. If your body is comfortable, this will help your mind follow and hopefully allow you to fully engage in sensual self-care practices.

Taking Care With a Passion-Boosting Primer

For a little more mood-enhancing power, you can also prime with the now melt Passion Primer Intimate Serum by Autumn Brands. Apply a few pumps 10 to 15 minutes before you are planning to explore your sexual self for enhanced sensation and pleasure.

After all, topical cannabinoids are vasodilators that can increase blood flow. Blended with aloe vera leaf juice and full-spectrum cannabis extract, this is a chemical-free, pH-balanced gel designed to make you feel good.

Turning Off All Distractions

To fully immerse yourself, it’s essential to eliminate any potential distractions. Turn off your phone or set it to do-not-disturb mode to avoid interruptions. Make sure your space is quiet, and consider using earplugs or throwing on a sensual playlist. This dedicated time and space will help you focus entirely on yourself, allowing you to connect more deeply with your mind and body.

What Does Sensual Self-Care Look Like? A Few Ideas To Get Started

Part of what makes us all beautifully unique is how much our sensual selves vary. What turns you on might look a lot different than what turns someone else on. But maybe you’ve never taken the time to genuinely explore your sexual self. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are a few ideas.

Setting the Mood

Indulge in Pucker Me Peach Gummies from Autumn Brands, delicious peach-flavored treats designed to put you in the right mood. These fast-acting gummies are blended with adaptogens like Ashwagandha to help you get in the mood and Horny Goat Weed to help you stay in the mood.

Each gummy offers natural sweetness and a chewy texture, crafted from cane sugar, tapioca syrup, and juice concentrate. The botanical stack, including Horny Goat Weed, Ashwagandha, and L-Tyrosine, supports mood enhancement, stress relief, and cognitive function, while the cannabis extract provides calming benefits.

Enjoy the convenience and relaxation these gummies provide, making them an easy addition to your self-care routine. Whether you’re looking to enhance your sensual self or simply need a mood boost, Pucker Me Peach Gummies are a perfect choice for a delightful and beneficial treat.

The Art of Self-Massage and Touch

Practice self-massage using a natural massage oil like coconut oil, or elevate your experience with Slather Worthy Body Butter from Autumn Brands. This luxurious, lickable body butter engages all your senses, warming to your skin and absorbing deeply, leaving behind delicious scents of creamy berries.

Focus on slow, methodical movements to tune into your body’s energy. The rich formulation of Slather Worthy Body Butter includes shea butter, coconut oil, and cocoa butter, providing intense hydration and nourishment, leaving your skin soft and smooth. The addition of cane sugar and strawberry extract adds a natural sweetness, making the product safe to taste.

This practice enhances your sensual self and promotes self-awareness of your body and profound relaxation. Arrowroot powder ensures non-greasy, quick absorption, while cannabis extract may provide additional soothing and relaxation benefits. It is up to you whether it feels good to progress to more intimate areas, but with our Body Butter, you can enhance the experience with deep moisturization and a delightful sensory indulgence.

A Hot Bath To Relax and Unwind

Treat your bath like a meditation, taking time to relax and enjoy the experience. Choose a divine-smelling oil or bath gel, and let yourself totally turn off from all the world’s stressors.

For an enhanced experience, consider using Autumn Brands’ Hit the Reset Bath Crystals. These fizzy bath crystals are blended with magnesium and essential oils to help you unwind and dissolve the day away. Available in Lavender and Jasmine blends, they combine earthy notes of sandalwood and alluring rose with cannabis extract for ultimate relaxation and stress relief. The magnesium sulfate eases muscle tension, while sodium bicarbonate and citric acid gently exfoliate and soften your skin.

Once you’re in there, feeling good, you can follow your senses into deeper, more intimate practices.A hot water bath can be a powerful tool for relaxation and self-care, helping you connect with your sensual self. Adding Hit the Reset Bath Crystals can elevate this practice, promoting muscle relaxation, detoxification, and a soothing aromatherapy experience.

Mindful Pleasure and Self-Discovery

Practice mindfulness during your sensual self-care to increase your connection to pleasure and, perhaps, boost your orgasmic potential. Focus on slow, deep and long breaths to move energy throughout the body. Focus on each small sensation, each feeling. This mindful approach to pleasure can enhance your sexual wellness and deepen your connection to your sensual self.

Erotic Stories and Audio Books

Do you need a little help to get in the right mood? Many women (although not only women!) lean into the world of erotic stories and audiobooks. Stories of sex, desire and passionate relationships can be an exciting addition to your sensual self-care routine. Listening to or reading erotic content will stimulate your imagination, enhance arousal and provide a safe space for exploring your desires. Integrating erotic stories into your self-care practices allows you to indulge in fantasies and explore new dimensions of your sensual self.

Aromatherapy for Sensual Self-Care

Incorporating aromatherapy into your routine can enhance relaxation and stimulate your senses. Essential oils like lavender, ylang-ylang and sandalwood are known for their soothing and aphrodisiac properties. Use a diffuser or add a few drops to your bath to create a calming and sensual atmosphere.

Sensual Movement and Dance

Whether alone or with others, try incorporating sensual movement and dance to connect with your own body and express your true self. If it’s at home, you’ll want to set the scene by turning down the lights, maybe adding a few candles and choosing a playlist to make you feel sexy. Whether it’s a slow, flowing dance or something more energized, moving your body to music can help you feel more in tune with your physical self and release built-up sexual energy.

Journaling for Self-Reflection

Just like you might journal for more conventional self-care practices, why not also adopt this routine for your sensual self-care practice? Keeping a journal can be a powerful tool for self-reflection and exploration. Write about your experiences, fantasies and desires to better understand your needs. Maybe you’ll learn more about your sexual nature and your inner erotic magic.

It’s Time to Make Sensual Self-Care a Habit

Stop putting off time to yourself. It’s time we all start making it a priority. Of course, these sensual self-care rituals help us connect with our inner sensual self, fostering self-love, self-confidence and self-worth. But they also help with our broad sexual health and our relationships with others.

Discover the Passion Primer Intimate Serum and other options from our new intimate wellness line: now melt. It’s high time you prioritize your inner sensuality and enjoy the profound health benefits that come with it.