Air Tight / In My Grow Show Ep. 133: The “MORE Act” with Rodney

Dec 18, 2020 | Autumn Brands News, Podcast

Show Notes:   Welcome to Ep. 133.  Later Rodney is back to talk about the MORE Act vote.  Correction on 28.3 grams = an ounce.  I got a bulletin from CDFA about AGRO GRO WS.

Strain of the Week:  Autumn OG – Great looking flower that came in at 26% THC.  This is seem to be Autumn Brands version of the OG kush.  It has that earthy, piney, touch of musky odor and taste.  This is a heavy smoke, not a “get to work” weed, I was lit like a christmas tree.  It came on fast and strong and kept me there but the come down wasn’t a crash’n’nap time.  It was a nice gradual step back down to sober.