Blue Limonene: Our New Award-Winning Cultivar

Jan 25, 2024 | Autumn Brands News, Flower

Last weekend, we took our new strain, Blue Limonene, to San Diego for the Harvest Cup. Our team knew that this cultivar was something special–and the judges agreed. We were thrilled to be awarded first place in the non-infused pre-rolls “Best Effect” category. We also took home 2nd place in the “People’s Choice” category.

The Harvest Cup is part of the Farmers Cup, a series of cannabis cup competitions in San Diego, CA. The event’s judges evaluate a wide range of legal cannabis products with an emphasis on education to ensure consumers are well-informed about their purchases. This includes educating people on important topics of cannabis—including terpene and cannabinoid profiles—and focusing less on THC percentages.

“Attending the Farmers Cup in San Diego was a delightful experience,” says Hanna. “The event organizers were exceptionally welcoming, creating an atmosphere where engaging conversations with various brands and individuals in the cannabis industry flourished. The opportunity to have one-on-one discussions with judges proved invaluable, providing us with insightful feedback on our flower and pre-rolls.

“Our packaging and farming practices garnered numerous compliments, reflecting the dedication and meticulous care we put into our products. Winning first place in the non-infused pre-rolls category for “Best Effect” and securing 2nd place in the “People’s Choice” category was a remarkable achievement. As farmers first, these accolades reaffirm that our hard work and commitment shine through in our offerings.

“The triumph at the Farmers Cup has fueled our enthusiasm, and we eagerly anticipate returning to the 420 Cup to showcase new strains. The event not only celebrated our success but also strengthened the sense of community within the cannabis industry.”

Blue Limonene

About Blue Limonene

Grandiflora Mark bred this award-winning cultivar, one of the loudest flowers we grow here at Autumn Brands. The pre-rolls reek of lemons and have hints of blueberries. When smoking, your mouth is coated with saliva from the intense sourness of the limonene with a nice floral, Blue Dream-ish back end. This strain provides users with energy, clarity and creativity.

“Winning this award for Blue Limonene is incredibly rewarding,” says Johnny Brand, our head cultivator and co-founder. “The vibrant color, abundant trichomes, and delightful citrus aroma make it a standout cultivar.”

As with all our cannabis, Blue Limonene is cultivated using sustainable farming techniques, natural sunlight and pesticide-free cultivation on our coastal Santa Barbara farm.

“Integrating this new strain into our no-spray system was a challenge, but its success is a testament to our commitment to sustainable and innovative cultivation practices,” Johnny says. “I’m grateful to Purple City Genetics for their exceptional work in sourcing and testing Blue Limonene, laying the groundwork for our achievement. This recognition is a shared accomplishment, honoring both our farm’s dedication and the breeders’ expertise.”

Try Blue Limonene for yourself and see why we won three Harvest Cup awards!