Cannabis and Sleep Health

Jan 30, 2023 | Autumn Brands News

Sleep is essential for mental and physical health and one of the primary ways to keep our immune systems strong and our brains working at their best. 

Most adults have a hard time with sleep – research shows that lack of sleep increases the risk of obesity, heart disease, and infections. Dr. Michael Twery, a sleep expert at NIH, says, “Sleep affects almost every tissue in our bodies, it affects growth and stress hormones, our immune system, appetite, breathing, blood pressure, and cardiovascular health.” The problem: Getting good sleep consistently is hard for most of us. According to a CDC Report, 35.2% of all adults in the U.S. sleep on average for less than the recommended seven hours per night. 


Insomnia, stress, mental health issues, snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, jet lag, hormones, sleep environment, sleepwalking, REM behavior disorders, and so much more. There is a whole list of action items that might help: you need to prioritize sleep, limit alcohol and caffeine, put the phone down a couple of hours before bed, find a relaxing sleep ritual, make sure your room is at the optimal temp just to name a few. But if you feel like you’ve tried it all, and are still not getting good sleep, it might be time to check out an all natural solution. Cannabis just might be the answer you are looking for.

Research suggests that cannabis may serve as a holistic sleep aid. While scientists are still working to understand the side effects of heavy, long-term use, the plant has been shown to help some users fall asleep up to 30 minutes faster, relax breathing (which may be helpful for sleep apnea and other similar conditions), and reduce REM sleep (believed to be helpful in reducing nightmares and PTSD-related symptoms). Also – we know cannabis properties are helpful to many to provide relief for lots of the reasons we can’t sleep  – like chronic pain, anxiety, and the inability to calm the mind. Since CBD works with the endocannabinoid system to help it achieve balance and regulate, it has been shown to reduce inflammation and stress – two things that contribute to poor sleep. 

If you are looking for all natural cannabis to help you sleep, here are some tips:

CBD or CBD with THC? CBD (cannabidiol) is a plant extract believed to provide anti-inflammatory benefits. It does not have the psychoactive effects that give you the “high” that THC does.  THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is thought to be the natural sedative ingredient in cannabis that may help relieve pain and induce sleep. Try:

  • Autumn Brands Warrior Elixir: 100% Full Spectrum Cannabis-infused Autumn Brands Warrior Elixir is 1000 mg of THC to use sublingually, in your favorite beverage or prepared food to feel the full-body rush of relaxing, long-lasting psychoactive effects.
  • Autumn Brands Thrive Elixir has less THC: 100% Full Spectrum Cannabis-infused Autumn Brands Thrive Elixir is a perfect micro-dose 1:2 ratio of CBD to THC with 300mg of THC to use sublingually, in your favorite beverage, or prepared food to feel elevated throughout the day, or to relax before bed.

Also, find your category: Indica and Sativa are currently the two main categories of cannabis strains. Indica is generally associated with deep relaxation – thanks to a higher concentration of terpenes with sedative properties – while Sativa strains are thought to be more energizing. Find your match here

Look to Autumn Brands for quality and consistency in every product that reaches you.  We  promote environmental health by NEVER using pesticides and only utilize a no spray 100% biocontrol program. 

Exploring cannabis options might be just what you need to get the sleep you need.  Consider all natural cannabis to achieve your 2023 sleep goals the natural way!