Cannabis Charcuterie Boards – The Ultimate Munchie Plate

Sep 1, 2022 | Autumn Brands News

We’ve come a long way from pot brownies –

As evidenced by the popular cooking shows that prominently featured cannabis, cooking with it has been elevated to high cuisine. Chef Jae from Bravo TV Top Chef is a talented chef and owner of KJUN, a Korean-Cajun pop-up in New York City – and she’s producing delicious and unique food – sometimes with cannabis at the heart of it!

“I love infusing cannabis into food, especially when putting together a charcuterie board. You can get creative with what you want to infuse,” says Chef Jae. “My crowd-pleasing go-to delivers that cannabis, chilled-out vibe: keep it simple with cannabis-infused honey or jam, paired with some soft cheeses and crackers – and add a thinly sliced prosciutto. Bon appetit!”

Chef Jae shared her Cannabis + Charcuterie board basics with us, and it’s something we can ALL make, chef or not.

It’s about striking a balance with the perfect combo of:
sweet & savory
protein & carb
fruits & veggies
… with a cannabis kick:

The key is finding cannabis-infused favorites along with the charcuterie board basics.

And don’t forget the upside of cannabis-infused food: it may help with anxiety, chronic pain, cancer-related symptoms, and more.

Of course, cannabis +THC can bring on feelings of total relaxation – and even euphoria.

So, let’s make a charcuterie board for the ultimate happy hour. Any tray or baking sheet will do if you don’t have a charcuterie board. Put a couple of pieces of parchment paper on it for easy clean-up and a rustic-chic look.


  1. Always some savory meat: sliced sausage, Soppressata, or a mix of favorite deli meats.
  2. Fruit – grapes are practically a must. Sliced apples and pears go excellent with soft cheeses, and dried cherries are the perfect tart bite to pair as well. Don’t forget figs, raspberries, really anything goes!
  3. Easy to dip veggies like baby carrots, small cut raw broccoli, cauliflower, olives, pickled veggies, and more.
  4. Crackers and bread – this can be hi-lo; anything from pull-apart fresh french bread to whimsical pop-in-your-mouth goldfish provides the carb balance you need on your board.
  5. Cheese, glorious cheese: go wild – hard, soft, stinky, creamy—lots of cheese for the win.

Next, this is what makes it a cannabis board:

Cannabis can be infused into many things to take them to the next level. More of Chef Jae’s favorite combinations include:

Cannabis-infused raspberry jam + prosciutto + Havarti cheese
Cannabis-infused honey + a chewy baguette + pear + gruyère cheese
Cannabis-infused hummus + cucumber slices +pita chips + olives
Cannabis-infused crackers with all of the above!

And don’t forget the presentation! Chef Jae says, “add some cannabis leaves for decor on the side.”

Looking to infuse your foods with cannabis, there’s lots of information to get started, don’t forget to use an edible dosage calculator to do it right. Check out the Autumn Brands strains to find the right flower for you. All Autumns Brands flower is hand selected, hang dried, and hand trimmed, allowing for the most potent strains of cannabis and the cleanest, pesticide-free experience.

Chef Jae Jung is the chef and owner of KJUN, a Korean-Cajun pop-up in New York City. Her cuisine has been featured in the New York Times, Eater, FOOD & WINE Magazine, Bon Appétit Magazine, the New Yorker, and Bloomberg.