Autumn In Paris: Recap of the Cannabis Conference 2023

Aug 24, 2023 | Autumn Brands News

The recent Cannabis Conference 2023 in Las Vegas was another successful event for industry players. Produced by the editors of the Cannabis Business Times and held at the iconic Paris Hotel on the famous Las Vegas Strip from August 15-17, the industry’s “leading and longest-running event exclusively dedicated to plant-touching businesses” featured an impressive lineup of events that included speaker panels that showcased “new technologies and solutions that can mean the difference between surviving and thriving,” and utilized the knowledge of cultivators, retailers and other industry experts.

In recognition of her hard work and accomplishments of cultivating a thriving business in the face of adversity during the recent economic downturn, our very own co-founder and Chief Financial Offer, Autumn Shelton, spoke on the panel, “Surviving the Market Crash,” along with Lex Corwin, the founder and CEO of Stone Road, a 57-acre biodynamic family farm in Nevada City, CA., and Jon Spadafora, president and CEO of Denver-based Veritas Fine Cannabis, the largest wholesale flower brand in Colorado. The panel was moderated by Tony Lange, Associate Editor of Cannabis Business Times and together, the group created an environment for discussion and learning.

Cannabis Conference 2023

Autumn (R) with her “Surviving the Market Crash” co-panelists. From L-R: Tony Lange, moderator; Jon Spadafora, Veritas Fine Cannabis; Lex Corwin, Stone Road.

“I was really honored to be part of the panel with Lex and Jon,” Autumn says. “It was fascinating to hear how they’ve been making changes and how they’ve been surviving and adapting in the current volatile cannabis industry.”

The three engaged in a dynamic discussion and shared their invaluable insights into weathering market downturns and strategically positioning their businesses for long-term success. The key focus topics were: Saving on Labor Costs Without Comprising Quality; Top Aspects of Your Business to Evaluate During a Market Downturn; When and Where Automation is Effective; Cost Avoidance vs. Cost Savings: What’s the Difference, and What’s Effective; and How to Set Up a New Cannabis Business to Survive Any Market Condition.

Audience engagement during the panel was palpable, with attendees posing thought-provoking questions that ranged from operational strategies to risk management, innovation, risk mitigation and resource optimization, with the panelists sharing their tested strategies and clever solutions.

Connecting and Conversing

As well as the panels, the conference’s agenda boasted a range of activities, including a unique VIP Cultivation Roundtable held on the first day that was co-chaired by longtime cultivators David Holmes, founder and CEO of Clade9, and Scott Reach, owner of Rare Dankness and House of Dankness.

This session brought experienced cultivators together for interactive discussions, encouraging the exchange of insights, challenges and advice for new cannabis cultivators. As co-founders of one of Southern California’s most successful family-owned and operated cannabis companies, Autumn and Hans were in hot demand for their insights.

“Being part of that cultivation roundtable with other cultivators and learning different tips and challenges and ways to work around them was a great experience,” Autumn says.

On the conference floor, conference attendees were treated to a showcase of innovative vendors and cutting-edge products. “Hans was very excited about drying equipment that he discovered,” Autumn says.

Autumn (R) at the Canna Pac after-party.

Networking plays a significant role at conferences, be it connecting with peers and sponsors, forging new alliances, or learning from others in the industry. And the Cannabis Conference was no different! Various after-parties and soirees out of business hours allow attendees to connect on a more personal level. According to Autumn, the Canna Pac after-party was a prominent networking event for cannabis executives, where industry peers came together to share experiences, insights and ideas.

We look forward to seeing you at next year’s Cannabis Business Conference.