Choose a Top-Notch Cultivator with Confidence, How Green Is Your Flower?

Aug 26, 2020 | Autumn Brands News

Head Grower, Johnny Brand shares Top 5 Q’s before lighting it up:

  1. What steps does your company take to ensure environmental safety? For example, Autumn Brands utilizes a closed-loop watering system to help preserve natural resources. Relying on traditional, no-spray greenhouse farming techniques, the company also manages a healthy grow process with an Integrated Pest Management system that allows beneficial insects like ladybugs to proliferate.
  2. How does your company support responsible sales practices? Established in the close-knit community of Santa Barbara County, Autumn Brands understands that the beneficial use of Cannabis as Earth medicine relies on its safe consumption. From day one, the company has remained committed to protecting young developing minds by partnering with a trusted distributor who sells exclusively to licensed dispensaries. 
  3. Does your team take extra safety measures to reduce the risk of microbial and chemical contaminants? To ensure a safer product, Autumn Brands instituted the regular use of multiple Molekule Air Pro RX units at key points throughout their facility. These advanced air purifiers are proven to destroy the invisible viruses, bacteria, and mold that can harm health. The company also refrains from using pesticides for a cleaner, safer user experience.
  4. Can you trace each strain from seed to smoke? One of the first Santa Barbara-based growers to earn an ongoing provisional license, Autumn Brands was also among the first admitted to Metrc, California’s chosen Seed to Sale Track and Trace system for Cannabis. This carefully monitored system ensures compliance with “seed-to-sale” tracking and reporting requirements, giving consumers added peace of mind about the purity of their product.
  5. Does your company maintain additional eco-conscious measures? Committed to environmental sustainability, Autumn Brands packages their premium, sun-grown flower in Earth-friendly glass jars.

 “As with anything else you might eat or drink, asking the right questions of your cultivator is key to ensuring that environmental and personal safety measures are maintained,” explains Brand. “Responsible industry practices start with educated consumers holding all providers accountable and demanding more from growers than just a good high.”