Green Gifts for Dope Dads

Jun 7, 2024 | Autumn Brands News

Hey kids—Father’s Day is fast approaching! If you want to make it extra special for your dad, consider gifting him some ganja to elevate his mood. But not just any ol’ green. We’re talking about our premium, spray-free cannabis products grown right here on our Santa Barbara farm. Each bud is carefully cultivated using sustainable practices, ensuring that your dad gets the best of the best.

Cannabis makes the perfect Father’s Day gift for a number of reasons. Unlike traditional gifts like ties or socks, cannabis provides an opportunity for dads to relax, unwind, and indulge in some well-deserved self-care. It offers a unique way to celebrate and show appreciation for Dad’s hard work and dedication. It helps him unwind after a busy day. It allows him to enjoy his hobbies like playing (or watching, no judging here!) sports and listening to music on a deeper level.

Plus, with Autumn Brands’ high-quality products, including flower, elixirs, prerolls and more, you can rest assured that your dad will receive the best of the best this Father’s Day.

Here are five compelling reasons why cannabis makes the ultimate Father’s Day gift, along with tips on which Autumn Brands products you can gift Dad to elevate his day.

Jet Fuel Gelato 6 Pack Preroll Father's Day Gift Ideas

Cultivars for a Creativity Boost

Is your dad a creative soul? Cannabis can help unlock his imagination and inspire new ideas. Whether he enjoys painting, writing, or simply brainstorming, our premium sativa flower can help him tap into his creative flow and explore new possibilities. Research has shown that cannabis can enhance cognitive function and creativity, making it the perfect gift for the artistically inclined dad. Gift Dad a six-pack of our hand-finished Jet Fuel Gelato pre-rolls. This cultivar is perfect for daytime and getting the creative juices flowing. It creates a balanced and uplifting high, packed high THC and terpenes of earth and strong gas.

now melt bath crystals

Soak Away Stress

Let’s face it—Dads work hard. From long hours at the office to endless household chores, Dad deserves a break. That’s where cannabis comes in. Scientific studies have shown that cannabis can have stress-relieving properties, helping Dad relax and recharge so he can tackle whatever life throws his way. Spoil him with some THC-infused treats from our now melt Intimate Wellness line, like Hit the Reset Bath Crystals, specifically formulated to help dissolve the day away and let the stresses of life go down the drain with the bathwater.

Elixirs that Enhance Enjoyment

Father’s Day is all about celebrating Dad and the things he loves. Whether he enjoys grilling in the backyard, watching sports with friends, or simply spending time with family, cannabis can enhance the enjoyment of these activities. Our Warrior Elixir contains 1000 mg of THC and is perfect for infusing into beverages or adding to cuisine for delicious edibles that can pack a punch. Not only does it taste great, but its high bioavailability means that it blends easily with your drink and be absorbed by dad’s body. Plus, being made from 100% pesticide-free cannabis grown right here on our farm, you can trust that they are pure and premium. One of the benefits of using elixirs is that they provide a precise and controlled dosage to deliver a safe and enjoyable experience. As always, we advise to start low and go slow to find the dosage sweet spot!

Soothing Salve for Pain Management

Many Dads suffer from chronic pain or discomfort, whether due to age, injury, or other health conditions. Scientific studies have shown that cannabis can have analgesic properties, making it an effective option for pain management. That’s where our Muscle & Joint Salve comes in. This nutrient-rich cannabis topical contains 400mg HTFSE-grade cannabis oil that’s made from 100% full-spectrum, THC-rich, spray-free cannabis grown right here on the Autumn Brands farm. This deeply nourishing formula combines a therapeutic 1:7 THC:CBD ratio, delivering pain relief from THC (without the psychoactive effects as THC isn’t transdermal) along with magnesium and arnica, which provide targeted pain relief, reducing swelling, irritation and bruising, so your dad can feel his best and enjoy Father’s Day to the fullest.

Purple Push Pop

Buds for a Bonding Experience

Rolling a joint or packing a bong isn’t just about consuming cannabis—it’s a ritual, a tradition and a bonding experience. Sharing this ritual with Dad can open up new conversations and strengthen your relationship. As you carefully grind some our premium spray-free flower, select the perfect papers or bowl and craft the perfect joint, you’re engaging in a shared activity that requires focus, coordination and teamwork. Whether you’re passing the joint back and forth or taking turns lighting the bong, the act of consuming cannabis together can help develop deeper connections. It’s a chance to relax, unwind, and enjoy each other’s company in a meaningful way. Choose our award-winning Purple Push Pop for a perfect blend of relaxation and euphoria, often described as a “melt in the couch” sensation. This deliciously dank cultivar boasts a tantalizing flavor profile reminiscent of creamy sugar with hints of candied fruit, offering consumers a truly indulgent experience.

Giving your dad cannabis as a gift can be a bonding experience in itself. Whether you’re sharing a joint, exploring different strains together, or simply discussing the benefits of cannabis, give your dad a ganja gift this Father’s Day.