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Jul 21, 2021 | Autumn Brands News

Autumn Brands

We need to talk about Autumn Brands. Okay, I’ll go first —

   Autumn Brands is a California cannabis company offering sun-grown and pesticide free flower, pre-rolls, salves, and elixir.  Though their farm now exists in Santa Barbara County, the brand really started in Holland, where the family has been growing TULIPS for over a century!

Taking their Dutch diligence and growing expertise overseas, Autumn Brands has translated the whimsical act of tending to tulips into cultivating every cannabis connoisseur’s dream weed: pungent, powerful, and packed with cannabinoids.

  One of my favorite parts about Autumn Brands is that they are family owned and operated — something we don’t hear enough these days. They’re also 50% women owned and operated!

As cannabis continues to develop into BIG business, the brands with a real story — heart and soul — start to stand out to me. With each puff of my Sundae Strudel (23% THC), I felt like I could taste the TLC of this lineage of growers.

  And speaking of family – my parents were just in town visiting from Florida, and they’ve grown tired of the same schwaggy weed their dispensary has been serving up down south… SO, I invited my mom and dad over for a smoke sesh with Autumn Brands Milk Tartz Pre-rolls (19% THC)!

My folks were over the moon with their experience, and I was just as impressed. We split a joint between the three of us, and it was the perfect dose for all. My dad said “Wow, this stuff doesn’t make me sleepy, and I really like that! It also didn’t get me TOO stoned, which is nice…”

   My mom interrupted “Oh REALLY? I’m stoned — but I feel so happy!”    It was true, she was stoned. And she was happy. The perfect parental smoke circle to get us ready for the day ahead.    Later, I sampled a few other Autumn Brands strains — one of them being Dream Walker with 21% THC.    Dream Walker originates from Blue Dream and Skywalker OG, two long revered strains.  When I opened my ⅛ jar, the smell of blueberry clouds wafted into my nostrils. A much welcomed scent. The buds were dense, but not forced. I was excited to give it a try!

Before I smoked Dream Walker:

Scale of 1-5 (5 is best)

  Mood: 3

Energy Level: 2

Motivation: 3

Desire: To eat

  After I smoked Dream Walker:  Mood: 4

Energy Level: 3

Motivation: 3

Desire: Smoke more

  All in all, this is said to be an uplifting strain, and that descriptor rang true for my experience too! While I was pretty tired before I began my sesh, I was grateful to maintain my energy levels, if not slightly enhance them.  Call me crazy, but I don’t like my weed to knock me on my ass. I enjoy smoking cannabis daily, while being productive and creative. Momma’s gotta work! And while I’d prefer to do it high — and I can’t do it too high. This was the perfect work-day strain for me.    Sundae Strudel (23% THC):  Sundae Strudel smelled creamy, yummy, nourishing, and sweet. I wanted to eat it. Instead, I smoked it! The flower tasted pine-y, and if I paid attention carefully, a bit grape-y.
Before I smoked Sundae Strudel:  Mood: 4

Energy Level: 3.5

Motivation: 4

Desire: Finish my work before 6pm (It’s 5pm)

  After I smoked Sundae Strudel:  Mood: 4

Energy Level: 2

Motivation: 3.5

Desire: Chill!

  This strain had a very mellowing effect on me. I felt super relaxed and at ease, but still capable! While it was calming, it didn’t fully put me to bed. **And I did, in fact, finish my work before 6pm!    Berries ‘n Cream (18.5% THC)  I mean holy hell this smells like strawberries. After letting the Berries n’ Cream settle into my system, I noticed myself getting a little heavier. I opted to smoke my dose before a yin yoga class at home (thank you YouTube) and it felt like the perfect pairing for total wind-down support while dropping me a little deeper into my body.  Before smoking Berries ‘n Cream:  Mood: 3.5

Energy Level: 3

Motivation: 4

Desire: Relax, take a yoga class

After smoking Berries n’ Cream:

  Mood: 4

Energy Level: 2

Motivation: 4

Desire: Maybe take a bath, read a book, watch a documentary

  The heavy feeling subsided after about 40 minutes while I was left with a lovely head high that carried me throughout the rest of my evening, which didn’t last too long — I’d call this a nighttime strain for ol’ Brookie gal.


  My favorite strain I tried from Autumn Brands is absolutely Dream Walker. I’m a huge fan of Blue Dream and fruity flavors for my bud. Dream Walker gave me a bit of a mood and energy boost, and I was able to finish my day’s work without a grimace or a grunt! A rare occasion, to say the least.   Remember, everybody has a unique endocannabinoid system that responds differently to cannabis, there is no “one strain fits all,” so your experiences may be different than mine! If you’ve tried any of these strains, I’d love to hear about how they made YOU feel! Hopefully, better than when they found you