Hanna Brand is back on the farm, and we have her full time

May 28, 2019 | Autumn Brands News

We’d like to introduce the newest full-time member to the Autumn Brands team – Hanna Brand!

Hanna is a sixth-generation farmer and has been working in the greenhouse since, uh, well, gestation. Now that she is a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural and Environmental Plant Sciences, with a concentration in Environmental Horticultural Science (impressive, right?). Hanna is responsible for increasing revenue and maintaining the pure growing practices her family began more than 100 years ago in Holland.
(Hey, not much pressure there …)

If you think you may have met Hanna, it might be because she serves as the face of Autumn Days, a combo customer appreciation + education event typically held at a dispensary. Her friendly and outgoing personality blended with her vast knowledge of cannabis specifics and agriculture in general make her the perfect Autumn Brands ambassador.

Ask your budtender when Autumn Days are scheduled at your dispensary. Then, go meet
Hanna and see if you can stump her with some arcane ag question. Betcha can’t! You won’t intimidate or faze her. She is a roll-up-your-sleeves-kind of gal who is very comfortable in the male dominated cannabis industry. Hanna also oversees the farm’s harvesting team and packaging department in addition to managing the branding and the post-harvest bulk of privately held and entirely self-funded Autumn Brands.

Here are a few Hanna Fun Facts
 Her official title at the farm is Owner/Sales.
 She is a Rotarian.
 She lives on the farm with her parents and their family dogs, Bailey and Bella.
 Her favorite off-duty activities include wakeboarding, skiing, soccer, and beach volleyball.
 She competed at the National Collegiate Wakeboard 2016 championships in Las Vegas.
 She speaks Dutch.

Now that you know Hanna, we hope you’ll visit and say “Hi” at Autumn Days. And try to stump her with an ag question. And make it a tough one!