6 Innovative New Cultivars at Autumn Brands

Nov 30, 2023 | Archived Posts

The world of cannabis is ever-changing. New genetics come in and out of favor and strain is a unique story waiting to be told—a story of flavors, effects and experiences that set your senses tingling and elevate your mind, body and spirit. This year, we introduced six innovative new cultivars to our product line up. These exceptional strains represent the culmination of our passion, dedication and commitment to excellence.

We take immense pride in cultivating cannabis strains that are not just products but journeys in themselves. We’re passionate about growing pesticide-free, safe, sun-grown cannabis flower using clean growing practices in sunny coastal Santa Barbara County.

“We delight in coming up with new strains for our customers. It’s what we love to do: grow flower that set an industry standard in pesticide-free cultivation and create strains that allow people to tame their tension and naturally enhance their overall wellness,” says our co-founder Autumn Shelton.

Read on to learn more about our innovative new cultivars and their effects.


Known as the chameleons of the cannabis world, hybrids combine the genetics of both sativa and indica strains. These balanced blends offer a wide spectrum of effects, often leaning towards either a more uplifting and energetic experience or a relaxing and tranquil one. Hybrids are like the best of both worlds, offering a harmonious balance that caters to various preferences. Whether you seek creativity, focus, or relaxation, there’s likely a hybrid strain that can meet your needs.

Mac N Cookies

Main Effects: Pain and nausea relief, produces an overall calming effect

Mac n’ Cookies is a cross of Mac1 and Oreoz. This cultivar was bred by 3rd Coast Genetics, pheno-hunted by Haze Valley Nursery and grown by us at Autumn Brands. This strain has the best of both of its parents: the trichomes and frostiness of Oreoz and the flavor profile of Mac1. The flowers smell like a creamy lemon cake with a back end of funk and the smoke is surprisingly fruity and lemony. Users report this strain helping with pain relief and nausea and producing an overall calming effect.

Mule Fuel

Main Effects: Happy, hungry, sleepy

Mule Fuel is an indica-leaning hybrid cross between GMO and Mendo Montage. This cut is from Thug Pug Genetics and pheno-hunted by Gnome Grown. The flower is chunky, bright green and covered in dense trichomes. Mule Fuel has a very pungent aroma of lemon, pine and hints of funky gas. Smoking this strain coats your mouth with an umami savoriness unlike most flower, with nice lemon and pine notes on the back end. Users report smoking Mule Fuel makes them feel happy, hungry and sleepy.


These cultivars are the spirited and invigorating companions of the cannabis family. Known for their uplifting and cerebral effects, sativas are ideal for daytime use. They often inspire creativity, boost energy and promote social engagement. If you’re looking to embark on a creative project, explore the outdoors, or simply enhance your mood, sativa strains may be your go-to choice.

Peach Dreams

Main Effects: Uplifted and focused

Peach Dreams was bred by Purple City Genetics and is a cross of Peaches x Papaya Bomb. The flower smells strongly like peach candy with a fruity and citrusy backend. The taste of the flower is very similar. Users report an uplifting feeling coupled with stress release. Peach Dreams is great for smokers who love uplifting sativa varieties.

Mango Haze

Main Effects: Elevated, adventurous, happy

Mango Haze is also a new-age sativa. This cross of Mango Haze x Gush Mints has large and chunky buds that are covered in trichomes, this strain is sure to elevate your mood and mindset. The flower reeks of frankincense and over-ripe mangos. The smoke is very similar, with a very fruity forefront and hints of mint and umami on the backend. Mango Haze is great for day smoking when you are trying to go on an adventure or get stuff done.


Looking for something to soothe you after a long day? These strains are renowned for their relaxing, sedative and body-centric effects. Indicas are perfect for winding down, relieving stress and promoting restful sleep. Whether you’re seeking relief from physical discomfort or simply craving a serene evening, indicas offer a comforting sanctuary.

Purple Carbonite

Main Effects: Calms anxiety, eases the mind

Purple Carbonite is a beautiful and frosty purple bud. This cultivar was bred by SkunkHouse, pheno-hunted by Haze Valley Nursery and provides a different level of relaxation! The effects of smoking this Purple Carbonite go straight to the dome, calming anxiety and your busy mind. This varietal has a strong, hoppy nose with a gas back end and the smoke is very similar (and very tasty!) Purple Carbonite is a heavy-hitting strain that will help force you to take that much-needed break you deserve

Pure Michigan

Main Effects: Calms anxiety, depression and gastrointestinal disorder

Pure Michigan is a cross of Oreoz and Mendo Breath F2. This cultivar was bred through a collaboration of ThugPug Genetics and 3rdCoast Genetics, pheno-hunted by Haze Valley Nursery. The flower contains blacked-out purple hues and lots of extra frost sure to fill the bottom of your grinder with kief. This is an extremely rare cross as it contains zero fruity terps. The strain’s terps range from earthy and hoppy to gassy and funk. Smokers report this strain tasting like a very earthy OG mixed with the smoothness of a cookies strain. Users report Pure Michigan effects make them feel relaxed, comfortable and giggly. Medical patients often choose Pure Michigan when dealing with symptoms associated with anxiety, depression and gastrointestinal disorders.

Stay tuned for more exciting launches in 2024.