Introducing Our New Iration x Autumn Brands Collab

Feb 22, 2024 | Autumn Brands News

Reggae music and cannabis have long shared an intertwined relationship, from the spiritual rituals of Rastafarians to generations of music and cannabis lovers. Now, this deep-rooted connection finds new expression in our exciting new collab Iration x Autumn Brands, with Southern Californian reggae-pop band, Iration.

As a Santa Barbara-based cannabis company with deep roots in our local community, we’re honored to join forces with Iration in this exciting collab. Our shared dedication to spreading positivity makes this partnership a natural fit. Together, we aim to elevate the cannabis experience and celebrate the vibrant culture of our hometown.

Iration, a beloved reggae-rock band with roots in Hawaii and Santa Barbara, embodies the essence of Southern California’s laid-back lifestyle. For over two decades, Iration’s unique blend of rock, pop, and soul has topped Billboard charts and earned billions of streams and legions of fans around the world.

The collab represents more than just a partnership; it’s a celebration of culture, creativity and community, says our co-founder, Autumn Shelton.

“We know the tight bond that Iration has with their fans. We’re proud that they’ve chosen Autumn Brands, a brand they trust for quality and safety, to create a great cannabis experience,” says Autumn. We see this as the perfect partnership of their sunshine vibe and our sungrown flower.”

Meet the Iration x Autumn Brand Cultivars

The Iration x Autumn Brands collab introduces three distinct cultivars to our coastal greenhouses, each chosen for its unique sensory experience, says Johhny Brand, our head of cultivation. These new cultivars are grown with the same environmentally conscious, 100% spray-free cultivation techniques as all our cannabis.

“Growing Summer Nights, Lemon Time Bomb, and Daytrippin’ lets me explore different cannabis types, offering something special for everyone,” says Johnny Brand, our head of cultivation. “The genetics behind each strain make them stand out, bringing a variety of experiences to cannabis lovers.”

Iration x Autumn Brands Collab Daytrippin' Sativa

Daytrippin’ (Sativa)

Daytrippin’ is from Moroccan Peaches by Purple City Genetics and is perfect for adventure seekers. Buckle up, because this sativa will take you on a sensory journey. Its green shades are highlighted by bright orange pistils, creating a visually appealing bud. The unique terpene profile, smelling like peaches, incense and gas, with caryophyllene being the dominant terpene, offers a truly distinctive experience.

Iration x Autumn Brands Collab Indica

Summer Nights (Indica)

Summer Nights comes from Governmint Oasis by Purple City Genetics, giving it a chill vibe. With its purple flower, bright green accents, and plenty of trichomes, Summer Nights is a sight for sore eyes. Sweet cream, garlic and gas/petrol flavors and smells will transport you to a nostalgic summer night. The dominant terpene, limonene, adds a layer of complexity to this strain.

Iration x Autumn Brands Collab Hybrid

Lemon Time Bomb (Hybrid)

Lemon Time Bomb is made from Frozen Lemons by Capulator, mixing up a lively kick. The Lemon Time Bomb is a hybrid strain that’s as explosive as it sounds. It showcases super frosty light-green buds dotted with vibrant white crystals. The strong nose offers a loud mixture of sours, spicy and lemons, courtesy of its dominant terpene, caryophyllene.

Iration says Autumn Brands is the perfect partner for launching a cannabis line. Not only are the ethos behind both groups well aligned, but they’re also committed to sustainability and contributing to a better future for all.

“We’re beyond excited to finally present this collaboration to friends and fans alike,” Iration says. “These strains showcase the utmost quality of Autumn Brands’ products and what we as a band believe to be the absolute highest grade.”

To celebrate the exciting new Iration x Autumn Brands collab, the band will host a meet and greet at the Autumn Brands booth at the Hall of Flowers event in Ventura, CA, on Wednesday, March 13. Come and say hi!