Is Your Cannabis Purchase Compliant?

Sep 4, 2018 | Archived Posts

Is Your Cannabis Purchase Compliant?

Standards and regulations define the legal cannabis market. Compliance with California State laws separates high-quality, legitimate cannabis businesses from the unlicensed black market operations. In a highly profitable market, temptation can override ethical practices without some oversight. Ensuring your cannabis purchase is compliant helps to keep you and your community safe.


Ingredients Matter

Just as there are regulations which oversee produce growing practices in the United States, so too are there laws and standards to ensure your cannabis products are grown safe for human consumption. Regulations confirm the supplier is following the letter of the law. As consumers become more aware of pesticides and potentially dangerous chemicals that some growers use during cultivation, demand for compliance is increasing.  Regulations and testing ensure growers utilize responsible and ethical practices.


…And So Does Testing

As science and research continue to uncover more of the secrets held within the cannabis plant, we understand the different types of cannabinoids all have very different effects and medical benefits. With trustworthy, state-mandated testing consumers are able to define their cannabis experience more clearly and achieve their health and wellness goals, regardless of what they are.


Community Safety

Cannabis regulations and compliance not only protect the consumer, but they also help to protect the community. Packaging standards, transportation requirements, and security measures help keep licensed cannabis operations and the products they sell out of the hands of children and criminals.



While cannabis is safe for adults, like many other medications, precautions need to be taken to prevent accidental ingestion by children and pets, especially in products containing THC. Regulations defining child-proof, safe packaging help keep your medicine in the proper hands.



As mentioned earlier, the cannabis plant contains many cannabinoids and terpenes at varying levels. Once the plant undergoes testing for potency per the mandated state requirements, compliance laws also mandate proper labeling of each product.  These labels ensure the consumer knows precisely what they are consuming and at what dose.


Transportation & Security

The high profit of the cannabis industry makes the commodity vulnerable to criminal activity. Safe delivery of cannabis products from the cultivator to the producer to a retail location is a vital part of a compliant cannabis operation. Transportation regulations keep valuable product protected between all facilities.


While quality standards, regulations, and compliance are new territory for the once illegal entity, lifting of prohibition is helping cannabis consumers ensure they receive a clean, ethically produced product while maintaining a legitimate, profitable, economy-driving industry. Additionally, providing a quality, reliable product helps to bring respect and integrity to an industry fighting seven decades of stigma and stereotype.