Keeping Your Cannabis Fresh

Oct 23, 2018 | Archived Posts

Keeping Your Cannabis Fresh
If you’re buying cannabis flower, you’ll probably want the best possible experience out of your cannabis every time. Freshness is key. Factors like moisture, heat, and oxygen can alter its state and diminish the quality. If you’re not sure of the best way to store your cannabis, check out these important things to consider.
Where you store your flower is an immediate problem to solve. Steer clear of plastic bags and containers with holes. A resealable container or a mason jar should do the trick. You could even go a step further with additional products and treatments, but it isn’t necessary for home use. Here at Autumn Brands, we use Boveda packets in our glass jars and pre-rolls. The packets contain a clean, purified solution that preserves the moisture, specially made for herbal products.
Heat and humidity create the most significant issues when storing cannabis. Extreme heat will dry out the cannabinoids, which hold the all-important THC and CBD, and make them ineffective. Direct sunlight from being left outside or near a window can cause it to break down and become discolored. The best place for storage is a cool, dry environment.
Flower vs. Pre-Rolls
Pre-rolled joints are great to have at a moment’s notice, but broken-up or ground flower will dry out much faster than regular flower. It’s a best practice to roll your stash a little at a time. However, a good tip for reviving dried out herb or pre-rolls is to place an orange or lemon peel in the container for a day or two. Be aware this will change the flavor of the cannabis! If you don’t mind a little fruity aroma though, it’s a great quick fix.
Overall if you’ve been storing it for a while, it’s always good to pay attention if something tastes off or looks different to you. Cannabis isn’t very sensitive, and you’ll rarely have to throw it out. But knowing these signs will ensure a premium, fragrant smoke every time.