Persistency results in THC Consistency – 80% Consistency in new Autumn Brands cartridges

Mar 22, 2019 | Autumn Brands News

Let’s get right to the point … [drumroll] … Autumn Brands is proud and thrilled to announce the launch of our cartridge for use in vaporizers! We believe in getting things right, and our persistency paid off in 80% THC consistency in each of our cartridge strains.

Aaaand, all of the cartridge’s oils are sourced purely from the Autumn Brands family farm.

That’s 100% estate grown cannabis to create the oils. You know what that means:
 Cannabis grown in a pesticide-free environment? Check.
 Cannabis grown under the sunny coastal skies of Santa Barbara County? Check.
 Cannabis grown by a 50% woman-owned family business. And check!
Our available strains are indica, Purple Punch; sativa, Sour Diesel; and hybrid, ChemDawg.

Made with Jupiter hardware, the cartridge comes with a stylish white tip and glass cartridge. (Jupiter is the company name behind the gold standard of vaporization technology, but you probably already knew that.)

Some of us prefer cartridges, or vape pens, because they offer discreteness or are easily
transportable or the variety of strains. One reason we love our cartridges so, so much is the potency evenness (80%!). As you know, Autumn Brands is about health, wellness, and bringing balance to life.

We hope you’ll bring some consistency into your life with an Autumn Brands cartridge.