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Tincture Thrive Elixir

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With the Thrive Elixir, experience anytime bliss with a balanced blend of tension-taming CBD and mildly psychoactive THC. The Thrive Elixir is perfect for daytime tranquility or supporting a restful night’s sleep. It is infused with 100% full spectrum cannabis with 300 mg THC and 150 mg CBD. Each serving size (0.25ml/approximately five drops) contains 2.5mg THC. Full calming effects appear after 1-2 hours, increasing the dose based on the desired effect. The Thrive Elixir ingredients include MCT Oil and High Terpene Full Spectrum (HTFS)-Grade Cannabis Oil. The Thrive Elixir has no added flavor or additives, is vegan/Non-GMO, and is made from pesticide-free cannabis, estate-grown in Santa Barbara County.


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