5 Fun in the Sun Cannabis Activities

Jul 5, 2023 | Autumn Brands News

Summer is the season to embrace the sun, create lasting memories and bask in life’s simple pleasures. Are you ready to take your sunny adventures to a new level? Well, buckle up because we’ve got a secret ingredient to spice up your summer activities: cannabis! From backyard bashes to beach bonanzas, cannabis can bring an extra dose of fun and relaxation to your sunny escapades.

By incorporating cannabis into your summer activities, you can elevate your experiences and add an extra layer of relaxation and enjoyment. Whether indulging in cannabis-infused treats, exploring nature, or enhancing your beach days and picnics, cannabis offers a delightful way to savor the sunny season.

So go out there, embrace the summer vibes and let cannabis be the catalyst for a season of fun and adventure. Here are five super cool ways to incorporate cannabis into your summer shenanigans, ensuring your sunny days are filled with good vibes and unforgettable experiences.

Backyard Bliss

Who needs ordinary backyard gatherings when you can host epic cannabis-infused soirees? Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with mind-blowing infused treats. From refreshing, tongue-tingling cannabis-infused lemonade to mouthwatering infused popsicles, the options are limitless!

Try making our refreshingly delicious Jello Pops for a delectable delight that will keep you cool during scorching hot days. They’re made with our Warrior Elixir, so they deliver a euphoric and relaxing experience, turning your backyard into a blissful paradise.

Pro tip: Tell your pals to bring their favorite strains for a mind-blowing cannabis potluck.

High Hiking Adventures

Get ready to take your hikes to new heights! Pack your favorite cannabis products and embark on an adventure like no other. THC flower can dial up the fun factor and amplify the beauty of nature. Picture yourself munching on tasty cannabis-infused snacks while soaking in breathtaking vistas and reconnecting with Mother Earth.

Grab a pack of our Jet Fuel Gelato pre-rolls— the perfect daytime strain to encourage outdoor activities. Finding that perfect buzz while immersing yourself in the great outdoors!

Pro tip: Make sure you have some of our Nourishing Muscle and Joint Salve to soothe your muscles at the end of the hike.

Beach Breezes and Bud

Want to know the secret to ultimate beach bliss? Three words: sun, sand and sensimilla! Imagine yourself sprawled out on the sandy shores, feeling the gentle breeze caress your skin and embracing the euphoric effects of cannabis. Whether you’re puffing on a joint of our spray-free Purple Push Pop flower with your beach buddies or stealthily enjoying a discreet vaporizer, cannabis can take your relaxation game to new heights. Just make sure to brush up on the local laws before sparking up.

Pro Tip: Pack some mouthwatering snacks, thirst-quenching drinks and your favorite strains to make your beach escapade an unforgettable voyage. Bring a portable speaker to groove to your favorite tunes and create a chill atmosphere with everyone vibing.

Picnic Party

Calling all picnic lovers! It’s time to elevate your outdoor feast with a cannabis-infused twist. Load up a delightful basket with an array of goodies infused with our Thrive Elixir that’ll make your taste buds dance with joy. Think chocolates that melt in your mouth, cookies that transport you to flavor town, or savory snacks that’ll make you go “Mmm!” Indulge in these delectable treats while basking in the glorious weather and the company of your favorite humans.

Pro tip: Bring along your prized strains to add that extra oomph to the experience. Set up a cozy picnic spot with comfy blankets, fluffy cushions and maybe even some outdoor games to ignite the playful spirit of summer.

Music and Mary Jane

Prepare to unleash the ultimate summer magic by combining the power of music with the bliss of cannabis at music festivals or outdoor concerts. Whether you’re passing one of our 1g All Gas No Brakes pre-rolls to your friends, discreetly puffing on a vaporizer, or sipping on a tantalizing cannabis-infused beverage, the fusion of music and Mary Jane will transport you to a euphoric wonderland. So dance like nobody’s watching, surrender yourself to the intoxicating melodies and let cannabis enhance the enchantment of the moment.

Pro tip: Research cannabis-friendly events in your area, grab your favorite strains and get ready to dance the night away with an unforgettable soundtrack playing in your head.