Surf’n’Suds (‘n’ buds!)

Jul 30, 2021 | Autumn Brands News

Autumn Brands at the Surf’n’Suds!!

Surf & Suds event will be held in person this year in Carpinteria on August 14th! This is the first time they are adding cannabis to the live event so we are all very excited and have nicknamed the event Surf’n’Buds!  Autumn Brands is participating in this event along with a bunch of local craft breweries. Come join in the fun!!

For more information:

We’ve been loving our circle stickers from Sticker Mule. They’re waterproof, scratchproof, and perfect for laptops, water bottles, and more. We’ve designed a specific Surf’n’buds sticker for the event and will be handing them out!! Come grab some! If you’d like some stickers yourself, head over to sticker mule for $10 off your first order by clicking here.