The Secret to Our (Sweet) Success

Jan 18, 2019 | Autumn Brands News

This isn’t a New Year’s resolution, but January seems like the month to make bold statements and bare one’s soul. So, how about this: The reason Autumn Brands enjoys so much success as a cannabis cultivator is our employees. Plain and simple.

We are even going to go a little farther out on this limb … We believe the wellbeing of our
employees comes first.

“Uh huh,” you might be thinking, “prove it.”

For starters, the Autumn Brands pay scale is rated high in the industry. Along with health
insurance and vacation pay, there is an incentive program and a bonus structure. We provide a comfortable break room and full kitchen. Birthdays are recognized at a monthly lunch. The nature of cannabis cultivation allows for year-round employment unlike open field, seasonal work. A definite advantage in employee retention!

We think employees might be feeling the love, too, as some of our team members have been working at the farm for more than 25 years! That’s almost unheard of in this growing economy.

Not only does our skilled workforce grow the best cannabis, they harvest, trim, and dry it.

Look, it’s not that we are hoping for sainthood. Doing the right thing makes good business sense. Providing safe working conditions, competitive compensation, and not using pesticides or harmful chemicals results in the highest quality, sustainably grown cannabis. That’s what customers love to buy, because it helps bring creativity, balance, and pleasure to their lives. And when customers buy, we all benefit.

We believe satisfied employees are the most productive employees. We even wove this into the Autumn Brands core values: “Authenticity: We stay true to who we are as individuals and as a company. Each one of our team members has their own strengths and responsibility. By trusting each and staying the course we can collectively create a work environment and Brand that promotes happiness, growth and success.”
Would you like to meet one of our employees? His name is Cody Elliott, and we are very proud of his military service to our country. Thank you, Cody! Right now, he’s on paternity leave, but you can meet him here.

We would love to know what you are thinking or answer a question you would like to ask. Please leave a comment below and we will get right back to you. Thank you!