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Top 10 Cannabis Community Resources

Top 10 Cannabis Community Resources

Cannabis has taken on a new form in recent years. It’s become a part of our culture. Billboards advertise dispensaries to the masses on the freeway and radio ads share the potential benefits of CBD oils and lotions. Weed is no longer taboo. This shift in perception has produced a fruitful industry with people itching to learn more. From where to get it, to how to grow your own, these are the top 10 best community resources to advance your cannabis knowledge.


  1. Weedmaps – The original cannabis resource. Dispensaries used to live in unmarked buildings with no signs or indication a business was present. Weedmaps was the only way patients could find dispensaries and browse products online. It remains the industry giant for dispensary discovery because of its vast knowledge and original reputation.


  1. Leafly – This resource supplies information about individual weed strains and the different effects they have on the body. Going beyond Indica and Sativa, it gives people more in-depth knowledge of the mental and physical differences. This website is for users who want to find a specific experience from smoking or want to learn the lineage or history behind a strain.


  1. High Times – The one-stop-shop for all current cannabis events. Breaking news about cannabis legislation, health, culture, and new products are found on this website.


  1. Canna Law Blog – Laws surrounding the cannabis business are still developing. Canna Law Blog is an excellent resource for industry professionals interested in learning more about ongoing law and regulation updates. It provides straightforward information about how to comply with the laws and achieve success at the same time.


  1. Reddit, Marijuana News – This subreddit is a quality resource for industry professionals because of its current articles and user interaction. The forum platform encourages free discussion and an exchange of ideas that is crucial to stay up-to-date in the developing industry.


  1. Medical Marijuana 411 – This is a patient-centric resource for users who want information on how marijuana can treat specific ailments. It describes how to medicate with each substance, relays new findings from research studies with marijuana, and tells stories about how it’s improved lives.


  1. I Love Growing Marijuana – Not surprisingly, this site supplies knowledge on how to grow marijuana. Written by Amsterdam native Robert Bergman, he provides comprehensive information on how to have a successful small home-grow to cultivating an industrial-sized plantation.


  1. Marijuana Policy Project – This organization lives in Washington D.C. and has made it their mission to integrate cannabis laws into society so it can be regulated similarly to alcohol. The MPP provides updates on marijuana policies and legislation progress for the U.S.


  1. Leafbuyer – Looking to score a good deal? Leafbuyer seeks out and provides a list of all of the cannabis deals happening in any city at any particular time. They also offer job listings for people looking to join the industry.


  1. The Cannabist – A more relaxed and fun version of cannabis journalism, The Cannabist provides stories about cannabis news coverage, art projects, new pot-based recipes, lifestyle profiles, and coverage of cannabis-centered events.


The laws and regulations for cannabis are still up in the air. These resources are here so all recreational users, patients, and industry professionals can enjoy marijuana safely and legally.


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