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Aug 26, 2020 | Autumn Brands News

The Green Fund highlighted Autumn Brands as the Top 4 cannabis brands to pay attention to.

Here’s why!One amazing thing about this brand is that it is 50% owned and operated by women, and since only 27% of the cannabis industry belongs to brands owned by women, it’s kind of a big deal.

This brand believes in sustainability and grows its flowers organically with no pesticides. They grow outdoors, but in a greenhouse set up, which they attribute to the high-end quality.

They have a wide selection of strains available, and they make vape cartridges as well. Autumn Brands is the best choice if you’re looking to connect with a brand that’s focused on health, wellness, and family values.

“Like a fine wine, each cannabis genetic carries the story of its climate and growing technique”

Check out Co-Founder, Hanna Brand’s technique on cannabis pairings:


“Choosing a Cannabis strain from among the many out there can compare to selecting a favorite wine varietal,” explains Hanna Brand, Co-Founder of Autumn Brands. “Like a fine wine, each carries a unique complexity that, to the trained palate, tell the unmistakable story of its climate and growing technique.”

Tips for cannabis varietal tasting and pairing

Want to learn the 411 on identifying and making the most out of each unique bud? Here are the key elements that creates a roadmap for your search:

●      Color and texture are the first noticeable traits of a strain. Flowers can produce a spectrum of hues, from deep purples to bright oranges or greens, along with a varying degree of trichomes – which appear like crystals on its surface. Note, also, whether it is dense or fluffy and sticky or on the drier side, as these aspects will affect the burn rate.

●      Terpenes are the molecules that create a strain’s distinctive aroma. Each Cannabis plant typically produces a unique combination of around 200 terpenes, determined by things like its breeding and cultivation process. The best way to sample a flower’s terpenes is to gently crush it with your fingers and inhale, as the aroma vaporizes when heated.

●      Flavor and mouthfeel differ vastly among strains. Similar to wine, a user can learn to detect in a flower’s smoke diverse tasting notes like chocolate, citrus, and pine, in addition to savory, sour, or sweet flavors. It can be helpful to describe a toke using vintner terminology, such as “smooth,” “harsh,” or “full-bodied,” depending on a user’s palate and personal experience of the strain.