Understanding Cannabis Strains: Sativas

Jun 22, 2018 | Autumn Brands News

Cannabis can produce a broad range of effects due to the different levels of cannabinoids and terpenes produced by the various strains of cannabis. The results that these cannabinoids combinations produce are broken down into three categories: sativa, indica, and hybrids.

Consumers need to be familiar with the different properties of the strains so they can choose the product appropriate for their needs. With the advancements in the legal cannabis market, people are learning more about particular cannabis products and becoming more discerning consumers.

Sunny Sativas

Generally recommended for daytime use, sativa strains can cause energetic, cerebral effects. Sativas typically provide a euphoric, happy, and creative impact on the consumer which makes these strains better suited for daytime use than their more sedative-oriented indica counterparts.

Sativas can be an excellent option for daytime pain relief as well as a boost in creative energy and focus. Sativas also help tackle lack of motivation and depression.

Be advised, some people with high-anxiety may not like the “racy” effects of a strong sativa. Since sativas tend to be more cerebral, they can ramp up anxiety. Some consumers report racing thoughts and a sense of being “stuck inside their head.” Increasing CBD consumption can help to prevent this unwanted side effect.

Pure Sativas

A cannabis strain with pure genetics never crossed with another strain is called a “Landrace Strain.” There are only a few landrace strains in the world. They usually are named after their original region. For example, Durban Poison is named for Durban, a South African port city.
As our only landrace strain to date, consumers can expect an uplifting, energetic, and cerebral experience from this potent sativa. Durban Poison is often sought after for helping with depression, chronic fatigue, and stress, but may not be appropriate for anxiety due to its high THC content and strong cerebral effects.

Sativa-Dominant Hybrids

Most cannabis strains are not strictly sativa or indica. Instead, they are a hybrid cross of the two. Strains are compared on a spectrum and will typically lean towards its most dominant properties. When a strain shows more sativa characteristics, we call it a “Sativa-Dominant Hybrid.”

At Autumn Brands, we have several sativa and indica dominant hybrids to choose from:

  • AJ’s Sour Diesel – This is our most sativa-dominant strain measuring in at 90% sativa. AJ’s Sour Diesel will help keep you energized and focused all day long.
  • Dream Walker – This hybrid has double the blueberry genetics making it sweet in flavor. DW contains 22% THC with a beautiful body high, which is balanced by a cerebral sativa head high.
  • Lemon Cake – This strain blends flavors of sweet Meyer lemon, citrus zest, with an earthy undertone. The uplifting effects can promote creativity. This strain can be particularly beneficial for appetite, Crohn’s disease, muscle spasms, nausea, and PTSD.
  • San Fernando Valley OG – The perfect choice for pain relief with a slight energy kick, this strain is 70% sativa dominant.

Find the strain that is right for you on our Weedmaps page.