Using Cannabis to Enhance Intimacy and Sensuality

Sep 13, 2023 | Autumn Brands News

Cannabis lovers around the world acknowledge that the plant enhances multiple areas of life, including intimacy and the connections we share with our partners. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, cannabis has shown promise in adding a new dimension of intimacy to our up-close-and-personal relationships.

Studies have shown that cannabis has the potential to heighten sexual pleasure. An online survey involving over 200 individuals, both women and men, who are frequent cannabis users revealed that close to 60% experienced heightened sexual desire due to the herb, and nearly 74% noted an increase in their sexual satisfaction. Research and anecdotal evidence have found that the endocannabinoid system and sexual functioning and behavior in women are linked.

In a study published in 2019 in Sexual Medicine, researchers discovered that women who consumed cannabis before getting jiggy were more than twice as likely to report experiencing satisfying orgasms compared to those who did not use cannabis (so sad!) But this isn’t all Barbie and no Ken; the pleasurable effects of cannabis extend to men, too.

Famed astronomer and legendary cannabis advocate Carl Sagan wrote in an essay that cannabis “enhances the enjoyment of sex” and “gives an exquisite sensitivity.” Another study from Sexual Medicine revealed that men who use cannabis more frequently tend to score higher on different aspects of sexual function, including their level of satisfaction with orgasms, the quality of their erections and their overall sexual experiences.

In a recent Forbes article, intimacy therapist Holly Robinson said that the effects of THC and CBD may enhance sex by helping to create a stress-free, relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.

“Both THC and CBD mitigate unhelpful thoughts (like work-related stress) by creating a tunnel vision of what simply feels nice on your skin in the moment, rather than worrying about chasing an unachievable orgasm,” Robinson said. “If ego and insecurities are hindering your sex life, cannabis can result in more intimate, vulnerable, and enjoyable sex, as it can help suppress intrusive thoughts.”

Our Warrior Elixir makes an excellent lube during intimate moments. It’s made with 100% full spectrum premium cannabis flower grown on our Santa Barbara farm and MCT (coconut) oil. Featuring the perfect dose blend of THC and THCa, each bottle contains 1000mg of THC that awakens the cannabinoid receptors, which interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Using Warrior as a lube means the cannabinoids are absorbed via the skin and mucosal membranes instead of the bloodstream, so its effects remain localized. In this instance, THC works as a vasodilator, enlarging blood vessels to enhance blood flow to the downstairs area.

CannaSexual: Sex + Cannabis

In episode 5 of our Inhale. Exhale. Elevate. Podcast, our co-founder Autumn Shelton sat down with special guest Ashley Manta, a sex and relationship coach, to talk about how cannabis enhances intimacy, eases discomfort and promotes sensation.

She’s also the founder of CannaSexual, a lifestyle brand used to represent pleasure-focused events and educational workshops. Manta coined the now trademarked term CannaSexual to “describe mindfully and deliberately combining sex and cannabis to deepen intimacy and enhance pleasure.”

According to Manta, she became a cannabis and sex therapist after having a positive experience herself. “It made such a profound difference to be able to experience penetrative sex without pain, and looking around the landscape of other sexuality professionals and realizing that there was a real gap around how to incorporate cannabis into the bedroom,” she told Autumn.

On the topic of using cannabis oils and lubes, Autumn and Manta are both in agreement that THC can ignite a spark in the bedroom in more ways than one. Manta says that personally, she prefers products like our Warrior Elixir, which contains minimal ingredients (less is sometimes more!) Manta reminds our audience that anytime you’re applying oil to the genitals, oil does not play well with latex. So, if you are using barriers for either STI or pregnancy prevention, you must choose an oil-friendly barrier, not latex.