Vie Magazine – Women in Weed – How Females are shaping the cannabis industry

Jan 30, 2020 | Autumn Brands News

Speaking of shaping the Cannabis Industry, check out the details on Megan’s greetings at the farm!


“Autumn Shelton smiles from the entrance of a cannabis farm; she sports a perfectly round pregnant belly. She’s two months shy from giving birth, but she’s four years into a partnership with Autumn Brands, a Santa Barbara County-licensed cannabis cultivator in the foothills of Carpinteria, California. A pregnant women actively working in the industry might seem out of place, but it’s completely safe to be around the fragrant herb. She and Hanna Brand founded the 50 percent women – owned business, while Hanna’s Father and mother, Hans and Esther, own 25 percent, as does her brother, Johnny.”