Yoga and Cannabis: A Meditative Match Made in Heaven

Aug 26, 2022 | Autumn Brands News

Does cannabis improve the yoga experience? Autumn Brands says absolutely! And yogis agree
that from ancient times to the present day – both are powerful ways to achieve balance, and a
natural mind-body connection, which is precisely why they have been intertwined for thousands
of years.

The History of Yoga and Cannabis

A rich historical record suggests yogis have enhanced their practice with cannabis for
generations. In the Hindu tradition, Shiva is known as a patron god of yoga and marijuana,
gifting cannabis to humankind as a spiritual opportunity. Print proves it, too – ancient texts,
including the Vedas (the most ancient Hindu scriptures) and the Yoga Sutras, mention yoga and
cannabis. The Yoga Sutras are estimated to have been written around 400 C.E., and many
regard them as the basis of yoga philosophy. Needless to say, the symbiotic relationship between
cannabis and yoga runs deep!

The Mind-Body Connection between Yoga and Cannabis

According to NPR, THC is thought to relax the body and cleanse the mind of earthly worries and
desires, empowering the user to establish a clearer connection with the spiritual world. This
mental reset is why many believe marijuana is the perfect complement to the meditative practice
of yoga.

Yoga is all about the mind-body connection – meaning it’s not just a physical practice but a
mental one. Consider this: cannabis activates our endocannabinoid system – a system of
receptors throughout the body to maintain homeostasis – or a state of balance – in the body.
Yoga is also about achieving balance, getting the practitioner to a place where mind, body, and
breathing are aligned. Many yogis say that cannabis helps them to get to a place of being fully
present with their practice and into a deeply meditative space.

Together, Yoga and Cannabis have a Restorative Power

Cannabis is also often prized for its ability to calm the mind and reduce anxiety, inflammation,
and bodily aches and pains. For many suffering from joint pain or more, the 1-2 punch of
cannabis’s anti-inflammatory power and the gentle exercise that yoga provides helps to reduce
overall tension in the body, improve flexibility, and curb pain – a restorative and reparative

Any early adopter of yoga + cannabis classes, Dee Dussault, the founder of Ganja Yoga in San
Francisco, says to Yoga Journal, “It really does facilitate getting out of the head and quieting the
ego concerns of what has already happened in the past and what may happen in the future. It
puts us more into the sensation of being embodied. Pain relief is part of that, too.”

Autumn Brands is committed to helping customers understand how to safely enjoy the benefits
of cannabis, including its power to enhance and deepen yoga practice with a powerful synergy,
assisting customers to “inhale, exhale, and smile.” Achieve optimum wellness and mind-body
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Maybe yoga + cannabis is just what you need to find the balance you are looking for!