Lucky Number 7: Big Wins at the Farmer’s Cup 4/20 Edition

May 31, 2024 | Autumn Brands News

On the weekend of May 18, Hanna Brand, our co-founder and CSO, and some of the Autumn Brands team headed south to San Diego for the highly anticipated Farmer’s Cup 4/20 Edition. We’re thrilled to report that we won seven big accolades, including Best Plain Preroll Win for Blue Limonene and Best Edible for our new Pucker Me Peach Gummies.

At the Farmers Cup, judges evaluate a wide range of cannabis products, emphasizing education to ensure consumers are well-informed about their purchases. This includes educating people on important topics of cannabis—including terpene and cannabinoid profiles—and focusing less on THC percentages.

“The Farmer’s Cup 4/20 Edition was once again an amazing event,” says Hanna. The organizers and all participating farms bring an incredible passion to this industry, and it shines through the products and event. The real highlight of this event is getting to spend more time with other farmers, judges and consumers. Being recognized for the hard work and dedication we put into our flower, prerolls and now melt line is the sugar on top!”

now melt gummies

Pucker Me Peach Gummies

  • Best Edible
  • Best Packaging

We recently debuted the deliciously juicy Pucker Me Peach Gummies as part of our new now melt line of intimate wellness.

“While there was a small mix-up with the edible category, we are beyond overjoyed that our Pucker Me Peach Gummy took 1st place!” says Hanna. “We spent so much time testing this edible during the RnD process, so to be recognized by the judges and community as 1st place when we were up against companies who have been in this space for years was a true honor.”

Pucker Me Peach gummies melt in the mouth for a body and mind journey. It’s fast-acting and loaded with our 100% spray-free cannabis oil, plus other clean ingredients and adaptogens like Ashwagandha to help you get in the mood and Horny Goat weed to help you stay in there.

“We’re delighted that our brand new Pucker Me Peach Gummy won Best Edible and Best Packaging,” says our co-founder and CFO, Autumn Shelton. “This product line is not just about occasional indulgences; it’s about establishing a sustainable and meaningful self-care lifestyle. It furthers our mission to provide clean cannabis flower and products for next-level care. Ultimately, we’re a brand that cares for people and the environment with pesticide-free sungrown flower and wellness products that offer the ultimate in relaxation.”

Blue Limonene Farmer's Cup Awards 2024

Blue Limonene

  • Best Plain Preroll
  • Best Appearance
  • Best Packaging
  • Best Smokability
  • Best Effect

Earlier this year, Blue Limonene was awarded first place in the non-infused pre-rolls “Best Effect” category and 2nd place in the “People’s Choice” category at the Harvest Cup, part of the Farmer’s Cup, so we’re thrilled to keep the awards coming for this standout cultivar. Blue Limonene was bred by Grandiflora Mark and is one of the loudest flowers we grow here at Autumn Brands.

“This win as part of the Farmer’s Cup 4/20 Edition is the culmination of so much effort not only to produce a clean cannabis flower but also a potent one that is a crowd-pleaser,” says Hanna.

Blue Limonene prerolls reek of lemons and have hints of blueberries. When smoking, your mouth is coated with saliva from the intense sourness of the limonene, which has a nice floral, Blue Dream-ish back end. This strain provides users with energy, clarity and creativity.

“We will continue to stay our course of growing responsible, spray-free, sun-grown products for our industry and choosing only the best ingredients for our manufactured products,” says Hanna. “Thank you once again Farmers Cup for having us!”